Projects / Toys
Here are some of our Toys, Projects and other stuff

High mount fender for a Ducati Elefant

LED brarake light and sequential blinkers for an Elefant (designed for removal of OEM blinkers)

LED fairing conversion (shown here on the Elefant)

Restoration and build of 69 Triumph Trident - Cafe "rat" Racer

Custom exhaust guards (shown here on a Gas Gas TXT 260 Pro

Carbon Fiber guards




Interior work in progress on a 911.


Custom "End Links" on a 911 (old style ball trailing arms to new style SC sway bar)

CIS to Webber conversion & detailed engine bay

Wyvern Motorsports ... Has a few new tricks coming !
Some with 4 wheels and, some on 2 wheels.
Wyvern Motorsports is capable of making just about any custom product for about any vehicle. Just let us know what your looking for and we'll find a way to get it done!

POPs "Wyvern "  started all this ..



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