Wyvern Motorsports has entered motorcycle stunt bike riding with full force.

With currently 3 company owned bikes and sponsored riders we realize the high demand for custom designs. No rider is exactly the same. All riders have different needs in the modification of their bike to feel comfortable.
With the dedication of our team and the help from our riders, Wyvern Motorsports is prepared to offer the highest quality custom parts for your stunt bike. Some custom designs include on the fly adjustable 12 bar with multiple settings, fairing stay, sub cages, sub frame supports, Aluminum frame repair, crash cages, dual caliper brackets, as well as general maintenance and repair.
Let us know what ideas you have, and we will work with you to make some parts. 

Wyvern Motorsports has also opened the doors to a new era of customer service with our new “Rent-A-Stunter” service. Have a sale at your store but need help bringing in a crowd? Want something a little more exciting than a petting zoo for your birthday?
Now you can rent a stunt bike rider for the day to perform at your location.

Call for more details

Bike build

Multi levers 

Here is a custom guage mount and guard.

It is "All about the size"
... just tell us how many inches you need.

Maybe you didn't quite pull off your last stunt ...
We can fix it before mommy finds out.

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