Wyvern Motorsports  is excited to partner with
BC Racing Suspension.
We will now be providing these amazing coilovers that have been getting so much positive recognition for all automobiles.
This is a full setup with 30 way adjustable shocks, quality springs, and front camber plates all in 1.

Application chart below ...

 The BR series features a mono tube design, 46mm piston/53mm housing, 30  way single adjustable dampening, front camber plates, rear pillowball  mounts, and separate height and preload adjustments. Check for your  application below, STD spring rates are listed, where available  customers may choose other available spring rates at NO additional cost.  This may prove to be a beneficial option for those looking to maximize  performance at the cost of ride quality. If a spring rate difference of  more than 2k is required, it is suggested that a special order be placed  to also modify the internal valving, the valving will be matched to the  spring rate to keep all functions properly “balanced”.

The  body is powder coated steel with aluminum adjustment collars. A nice  feature is the adjustment knob which requires no hex wrenches or special  tools to adjust and functions perfectly with 30 distinct clicks.


Rear unit flex adjuster extensions come with all units, modifications are needed to use these. 


Rebuilds are not currently available in the  US, replacements are. If your struts are in need of a rebuild, BC is currently replacing them with new damper unit for $95 each. 

The adjustable camber plates will allow greater than STOCK alignment setting to more than -2.5 degrees.  

Note: NOT all applications have Camber Plate, 

 please see chart below

$1099 NO Shipping  

(most applications, Please check for specifics on your application.)

NO charge for Shipping and Handling to the US (50 States)  

Foreign shipping $200 US

Please allow up to 10 days for "in stock"  shipment. Some units ship direct from the factory and may take up to 14  days to deliver.

Purchase of these units includes:

  • Pre install set up information
  • Install information
  • Ride height adjustment "How To"
  • Suggestions and info on setting options